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"Watch In Amazement As Your Idea
For A Book Automatically Transforms
Into A
6 to 7 Figure Business!"


This Is The Hidden Secret To Making Long-Term Income (On Autopilot),
Retiring Early From The Job You Hate, And Instantly Becoming
A Leader In Any Field--In 30 Days Or Less--Guaranteed!

Dear Friend,

Let me be clear with you - thousands of authors have written books but make no money - what I'm about to show you goes well beyond just writing a book - I'm about to hand you a proven system to transform your "idea for a book" into a large, long-term income stream - one that you'll be proud of - and one that makes your family proud as well.

Now I have this system down to a science - in fact it works time-and-time again for me, and it works time-and-time again for my clients, so there's no reason why it won't work time-and-time again for you IF you take action and do what I tell you to do...

...but first, I want you to relax for a second and imagine something with me.

Imagine sitting in your home when a delivery truck pulls up. You rush to the door--knowing exactly why it's come to your doorstep--and there's the driver, holding a medium sized box with your name on it. 

You quickly scribble your signature, thank the driver, and dash inside with your prize. Nervously, you rip off the tape and pull back the flaps, and then the smell hits you...that intoxicating smell like no other...

The smell of your very own new book.  

You look inside and can't believe your eyes. It's an entire shipment, hot off the presses. And there, in gleaming gold embossed letters, is your name on the cover. 

You pick up a copy and marvel at its weight ("I never thought I had all this in me," you think to yourself). You turn it over in your hands, feeling the smooth, glossy dust jacket. You flip through the snow white pages and see the words--YOUR words--printed in sharp, black ink.

And suddenly, it hits you...

You... A Published Author !!!

Sound far fetched?  It's really not.  In fact, you're much close than you think...

Not long ago, I had the exact same experience. I had written my first book, sent it off to the printers, and waited anxiously for its arrival. And when the delivery guy finally came to the door, he probably thought I was crazy, because I literally RIPPED the box from his hands!

And when I opened that box, the sweet, sweet smell of those new books was something I'll never forget. But that wasn't the best part...

That book--called Maximize Your Metabolism--went on to sell over 60,000 copies in just the next 2 months following that delivery. That's right--SIXTY THOUSAND copies. (Many authors are lucky if they sell 10).

And here's the most amazing thing of all...

--I didn't have a lick of experience as an author.
--I didn't have an  "insider source" at a big publishing house (In fact, they all rejected me!)
--I didn't have a billion-dollar story like J.K. Rowling.

But there was one thing I DID have (which I'll reveal to you in a moment), that transformed me from an ordinary guy to a published author in the fastest time possible. And from the moment I opened that first box of books, my life would never be the same.

How To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Business...

Let me introduce myself before we go any further. My name is Christopher Guerriero, and it's true--that one single book launched a publishing empire that literally blows me away every time I look around.

For example, Entrepreneur 101 recently did an unsolicited write-up on my business in their magazine, highlighting me as one of 26 of the "finest entrepreneurs...whose best practices have something to teach us all about creating successful enterprises". 

Here's what it looked like:

write a book, write, how to write, business coach, business coaching, christopher guerriero, chris guerriero
Yep--that's me stretched out on my desk, surrounded by some of the products
  I've created over the last few years using this exact same process...

It's been a long strange trip, that's for sure. And here's how it all started...

Years ago, I owned a chain of health clubs. In fact, I built a pretty nice sized business which serviced more than 15,000 members - many of whom were paying between $75 - $179 per month.

But at the same time that my clubs were thriving... my competitors were going out of business because they "couldn't get enough members" or because they thought they had to sell their memberships at 'rock bottom' discount prices...

It's important for you to understand this, so let me repeat it: My competitors were offering many of the same services I was (for less than 1/2 the cost I was charging) but their members were leaving them and joining my clubs.

In fact, one of my clubs was built in an area which already had 4 other health clubs within a mile of my club - and in less than a year - 3 of those other clubs went out of business or changed owners (which is just a nice way to say the old owners gave up).

Not because I was so much better than they were (remember, they were giving their members many of the same great services for 1/2 price), and not because I offered a much better club to my members - but simply because they never learned this 1 simple lesson...

Here's The Single Element That Can 
Instantly Boost Your Success...

In my 15 years as a health club owner, my most profitable years came AFTER I wrote that first book.

You see, the book gave me so much credibility that people were drawn to my clubs - more members, better staff, and more renewals - and the revenue in all my other businesses also began to skyrocket within weeks of that book coming out.

Just having 1 successful book boosted my credibility through the roof and made ALL my businesses far more profitable

Sounds amazing, doesn't it? But that's exactly what happened. And since I wrote my first book, my little health club business has exploded into a global organization that includes:

Having my own television show
Authoring more than 7 books
Creating a Publishing Company that helps first time authors get their books in print fast
Building an Online Empire with more than 38 web sites--all designed to sell my books on auto-pilot, so I can enjoy more time with my family and friends
Embarking on a thriving Speaking Career which lets me share my story with thousands of people all over the world

Hands down--it's CREDIBILITY that propels more people into the winners circle of success
(as an author, or speaker, or entrepreneur, or network marketer - as well as success in a persons family life, financial life and social life).

When you're perceived as being credible, or as being an expert on a topic - people respect you more.

...and when you have a book with your name on it, you immediately have more credibility - and that credibility brings you far more success in your business, in your social life, and in the quality of people you attract.

If you doubt this fact, just try going into a your next job interview, or your next sales presentation, or your next management meeting - heck, try going to your next family reunion or anything else... with a copy of your book under your arm and see how much differently people respond to you.

So how do you get this credibility?

The Secret Is In: "The System"

In reality, this is a SYSTEM, and I've made it easy.  All you have to do is follow directions day by day, and start making money.

And I should probably mention that if you “tried this stuff before” and it didn't work . . . or you became frustrated, then I feel your pain.

The EXACT same thing happened to me before I figured all this out.

In fact, the best thing you can do is simply STOP what you're doing.  Don't work on another thing until you start this system.

Quit wasting your time, money, and effort on stuff that doesn't work. And even if it works a little bit, it can never scale to the kind of revenue and profits that we’re talking about here.

This is the big league. And you can play in it.

But if you want to play, let me hold your hand and walk you STEP BY STEP through the system that makes millions of dollars like CLOCKWORK.

Seriously, it does NOT get any easier than this.

Look, I'll admit it--I'm a pretty lazy guy at heart! But when you focus on building a "system" rather than just writing a book, or just making money online, you can accomplish far more in less time and with less effort.

In fact, by utilizing a system like this exact one in your business, you'll be able to quickly and easily...

Become An Instant-Guru, the "go-to" source everyone looks up to in your field.
Double...Triple...Even Quadruple Your Income and develop multiple streams of automatic cash.
Start Getting Admired, Respected And Viewed As A “Celebrity” within your market and circles of influence.
Leave A Long-Term Legacy And Security For Your Family for generations to come.
Make A Positive Difference in the lives of thousands of people.

So why am I telling you all this?

Because it's important you see that a normal person can achieve a whole lot of cool stuff IF you know the secret to multiplying your results... and here it is:

IF you want to ACHIEVE MORE in less time and with far less effort, then STOP focusing on just 'doing business', and start building "systems" that are duplicatable!

That's a powerful lesson that cut years of struggle off my life and allowed me to build multiple streams of revenue in the same amount of time (and with far less effort) than it took my friends who were stuck, struggling with their 1 primary job.

A Question...

What would be different in your life if you were a bestselling author right now?

What would be different if you had a proven system to write your book in 30 days or less...

And what if that system showed you how to make sure that your book turned into a top selling book once it was completed...

And what if that system made the whole process so simple that you could do it in your spare time. (Or better yet--hand it to someone else who could do it for you?)

And what if that same system allowed you to make money DURING the book writing process - so you didn't have to wait until you wrote and published your book before you enjoyed all that extra income?

And finally, what if you were given access to the same vendors that a best-selling author uses to build his books?

Do you think your life would be a bit different if you had that?

Do you think you could make more money?

Do you think others might respect you more if you were an author of a top selling book?

Well, hang on to your seats. Because if you're ready for a tried-and true, duplicatable system that can produce long-term streams of income, garner respect and admiration from your peers, and establish a solid, respectable legacy for you and your family, then you need The Automatic Bestseller Program.

write a book, write, how to write, business coach, business coaching, christopher guerriero, chris guerriero

The Automatic Best Seller System is a step-by-simple-step blueprint
specifically designed to show you exactly how to write, publish, and
make money from your book idea even before you write the first word

This complete multi-media course will walk you through the steps and show you how you can become a highly successful best-selling author, generating consistent and almost unstoppable income, starting from the very first week--no matter what you're doing now. 

This is the "system" folks...the same system I use to create books that sell tens of thousands of copies in just days. And you can do the same too.

Click here now to maximize your income by becoming an author...     


 You Will Do It Too...

Inside the Automatic Best Seller program, I'll reveal...
How to make up to 5,000 per month from your book idea, even before it's written
Easy ways to sell to volume buyers who buy thousands of copies at a time
How to transform your book into an extra 50-$100,000... before you even finish it!
How to easily make money from your book idea within 1 day
How to turn a single book idea into a long term source of income
How to publish your book as fast as possible
Secrets to creating profitable web sites - you'll get to "listen in" as I tear apart and critique several web sites and make them more profitable & easier to run
How to choose a topic that will make your book a guaranteed bestseller
How to turn your "book idea" (no matter how vague it is now) into a professional looking book - and then into an international best-seller

How to guarantee there's a crowd of anxious buyers waiting for your book when it comes out

How to turn your bestselling book into a Book Empire which generates large, long-term income streams for you and your future generations
My jealously guarded secrets of creating winning titles and book cover designs
Tricks for getting loads of media exposure and publicity – FREE
The biggest mistakes most authors make which causes their book to fail miserably - and how to ensure that you'll never have these problems
How to get your book into bookstores - FAST!
How to quickly and easily create a strong funnel of products which make you more and more money every year (books, audios, software, speaking engagements, videos, home study courses, teleseminars, and consulting and more!)
How to get your articles published in other people's E-zines with little to no effort on your part
How to drive traffic to your website and how to built a huge list of fiercely loyal readers who will buy virtually any new product you put out.

All this and MUCH more!

- No Matter What You Do For A Living
You Could Be
More Successful, Make More Money, And Gain The Competitive Edge
When You Write A Book, Using This Proven 30-Day System...

This Is The Road Map: Start Today And
Have Your Book In Hand By Next Month!
(Even If You Have No Experience, No Contacts, and No Clue Where To Begin)

Have you ever bought a "How-To" program, gotten excited, and when you finished listening to it wondered what to do next? I'm not going to let "idea overwhelm" slow you down!

This system was designed with a step-by-step blueprint plan of attack... so you can begin enjoying the results within days of The Automatic Bestseller Package arriving on your doorstep.

I mean, let's face it: What you truly need at this point is an uncomplicated, easy to follow plan from someone who's actually published and sold a ton of books. Someone who is willing to share insider secrets to help you get started today. Someone who isn't going to charge you a small fortune to offer you the help you need.

Because if you don't follow a proven plan to sell a large number of books - then you're doing a huge dis-service to the world by holding your information back - and you're hurting your chances of making a powerful income in the process.

Now, I'm certainly not all about making money. But I firmly believe that people "vote" with their dollars - if you're selling a lot of books, then you're helping a lot of people - period. The End.

My goal in life is to help the greatest number of people possible to reach their goals - and the only way I know if I'm helping a lot of people is when I sell a lot of books and then receive a lot of thank you letters as a result of those sales - and you'll find the same thing to be true when your book is out there.

Click here now to maximize your profits by becoming an author...     

Folks who have been through this exact program have become international speakers, best-selling authors, successful information entrepreneurs, and top-paid network marketers.

...are you next?

Rock Solid PROOF That This Step-By-Step
Method Works!

write a book, write, how to write, business coach, business coaching, christopher guerriero, chris guerriero
Elena Solomon

"$55,000 extra income in 7 days... 
...from just 1 technique!"

     I want to thank you for your great advice. I used it immediately (without waiting for my book to be published) and it worked fantastic!

     The promotion ran for a week and we made US$55,000 extra... 

     Thank you for your great ideas; they produced results in no time.

Elena Petrova


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Tony Bateman

"A best seller in 34 days!"

     I had a book idea for nearly 9 years - it was just stuck in my head.

     I kept putting it off because I thought it would be too hard to write my book - I didn't have ANY contact, and I really didn't know anything about writing - in fact I failed high-school English the first time around!

     But after going through Christopher's program I had written a best seller in 34 days!

     That is not a misprint!

     After failing high-school English and never taking a single writing course in my life, even while I was working 50 hours each week at my normal job - I wrote my first book, making money from it even before it was done, and by using just 1 technique that Christopher taught me in the class, I made it a best seller within 34 days!

     I'm writing my second book now, and I don't plan to stop there...

Andrew Chu

"I made more money with my first book in the last 67 days, then I made all year as a marketing specialist"

     I searched for over a year to find someone to mentor me through the book writing process, never expecting that I would find someone as willing to give as much as Christopher did.

     I still cannot believe that he handed over all his personal contacts - I got access to people that I never could have met, plus I got special rates because I came recommended by Chris!

     But what's even better, is the fact that I didn't spend 1 dime of my money to pay these people!

     Using Christopher's simple techniques, I made so much money before I even wrote my book that I simply paid my vendors from my profits - and there was nearly $30,000 still left over after everyone was paid!

     I can't believe how great I feel now that I have a proven plan that can be used over and over again to boost my credibility, to make money, and to write books that will long outlive me.

"Christopher Guerriero is one of the best book writing coaches
on the planet..."
Linda Geyer

Christopher Guerriero is one of the best book writing coaches on the planet with a unique talent for producing profit I can bank on.

     If anyone is even the least bit serious about being an author or speaker or making more money in their business, and they don't dive into his program, I question if they are really serious at all.

     I can conservatively say that I expect my income to increase 10 fold over the next 3 months from what I learned.

Dr. Jeff Betman

"Chris over-delivers like nobody
on this planet"

     His coaching is very well organized. Calls start right on time. Workbooks and other coaching materials are excellent and he delivers FAR more than promised.

     The system he builds for you is repeatable and I plan on using it over and over.

     I didn’t just learn some vague system or a system with missing pieces.  I learned the entire business growth system in detail. Amazing!

     Chris has so much information to deliver it's truly amazing. He's also able to teach it in a way that the even a novice like me can understand exactly what he is talking about.

     Plus, he has loads of real life examples of everything he's teaching... Do not pass up the opportunity to learn from Chris. You will be sorry if you do. 

fast money man - be my next success story - be a winner!
Your Name Here

"Made $XX,XXX in Just 30 Days!"

I want to be your next success story!

     I want to be one of the next people who creates an extra $10,000/month for themselves or who builds an international bestseller in 30 days.

Reserve This Spot For Me!

"I Felt As Though You Were Partnering And  
  Mentoring Me Though The Whole Process
--- Michael Kim

     Originally, I thought I was going to learn how to write a book that would sell online, but what I got was an entire online business system that I could apply over and over again, making money through the entire process each and every time.   

     I don't care if you already have your books published and in stores around the world.  The difference in those that have amazing results from those with mediocre ones are the details.   And oh boy, are there a lot of details in your program.

     I cannot personally speak for anyone else, but my single biggest frustration was that most other systems and products I've bought never gave the details. It was all theory and possibilities.

     Chris, you gave us your personal resources, your outsourcing vendors, and your own ideas. This wasn't a generalized fluff-filled training program.  I felt as though you were partnering and mentoring me though the whole process.

PS: This program was the missing link in my online business. I've taken techniques and applied them to all of my online business activities. From social proof, to outsourcing, to organization of my business structure, I've changed how I do business. Your system made all the difference in the world. Thank You so much for your encouragement and guidance. 

  Click here now to be my next success story...            

Here's The #1 Reason Why
Most People Struggle To Make Money...

Not long ago, I was speaking at an event in Georgia where I was asked to sit on a panel of experts to answer questions from the audience. Before the audience could get their first question in, the host grabbed the microphone and asked all 3 of us on the panel the following question...

"Why is it that most people struggle so hard to make ends meet - and what advice can we give the audience to guarantee they succeed".

This Is What I Told The Audience
(and what made them so much money)

"You need a book empire - which is just a glitzy word for a book business that automatically generates multiple sources of income each and every month - even if you're on the beach - and even if you take a month or two off."

But most authors struggle because they spend years writing their book, then they sit back hoping their book (or their publisher) will magically make them money - but in the past 10 years, I've NEVER seen that system work!

What I have seen, however, are a lot of people or "wanna-be" authors, and entrepreneurs, and network marketers who struggle to make ends meet because they lack a "system" to gain ultimate credibility and produce top dollars.

With my Automatic Bestseller system, you have the tools you need to make more money, develop your credibility, and build a legacy for future generations.

You might plan to use your new income to supplement your current income, or to replace it altogether.

Click here now to add another income stream to your life...           

Just A Few Hours Spent With
The Automatic Bestseller
Can Transform Your Life...

"I've been interviewed on 12 different
radio and television shows"

                                              ---Chris Vaughn

     My sales have more than doubled in the past 3 months now that I have a best-selling book under my belt.

     I didn't fully understand the amount of credibility that having a book would give me and my company - having a book gets me in doors that had been slammed in my face for years.

     On top of that, I've been interviewed on 12 different radio and television shows, and in the next few months I plan to sell my company since my book empire is now taking on a life of it's own.

     I'm so proud that I finally did it - and so very grateful that my book is out of my head and now helping thousands of people to live better lives.

Click here now if you want to get more free publicity   

 Alvin Toh
"The great thing about this system
is that you can see the results!
     The great thing about this system is that every step feeds the next and you can see the results.

     I have a pending JV deal with another participant from the program for us to do something for the International market.

     This system is self sustaining so it's much easier for someone to start writing a book and see results every step of the way. It creates momentum and motivates someone like me to want to advance to the next step eagerly as I see results.

Can I Take A Moment To Pull You Aside For Some
Straight Blunt Talk?

The tactics you're going to discover in The Automatic Bestseller will work for anyone - whether you're an unknown trying to break out of the pack... an experienced author who wants to give your career new life... or a business owner who wants to drastically boost your bottom line...

Remember, I feed my family with the money I make from my book sales, and this is the exact process I use every time I write a book or want to make more money.

In fact I never planned to release my full system to the public... and several of my high-end clients have called me, begging me NOT to release it.

You see, some of my clients are a bit scared that the unfair advantage they now enjoy will be gone once I "let the cat out of the bag" and share these secrets - but as long as you use this program in an honest, ethical fashion, then every dollar you make will be made helping others with your knowledge...


See what master marketer Andrew Lock says about this program:


You Can Achieve Fast Results Like These Too... 

Cheryl Scales,
Designer, Innovator,
Radio & TV Personality, Author 

"This System Changed My Life
and Made Me An Author!"

     Christopher Guerriero is the real deal, and I am writing about my experience because I have been through each part of his program, and there is one clear declaration I can share...

     Christopher changed my life, my actions, and my direction with one straightforward question..."Do you want to be just an author, or do you want to be author with a book that sells?"

     Something changed about my own belief that my words would come to life when I heard Christopher speak.

     I originally bought Christopher’s program because I wanted access to his IMMENSE resource list, but the greater gift I got was my belief in my own possibilities.

     His staff and follow-up systems are above reproach. 

     I got the privilege of 1:1 coaching with Christopher and the financial impact on my business strategies and ventures was SUBSTANTIAL.

     His legacy is your first book and a business system for your life.

     Do not walk. Run... because with Christopher Guerriero, it is not just promises made. His promises are over delivered.


David Smith

"...this is one of the BEST business decisions I've ever made!"

...this is one of the BEST business decisions I've ever made!

     Not only is the system that Christopher teaches rock solid, but as a coach and teacher, and as an individual he is a "Top Gun".

     Chris gives of himself WAY more than what he charges for the course; his sincerity, his energy, and his fun nature make spending time with him (in person or on conference calls) very enjoyable.

     The personal & financial milestones I'm accomplishing are a direct result of what I've learned from Christopher's program.

My lawyers made sure I tell you that I'm certainly not guaranteeing that you'll get results like these clients got - nor am I saying that you'll get results like I got - but let me ask you a personal question... 

"Don't you think you'll get better results if you have access to the same system that I and my personal clients use to make this kind of money, this fast and this easily?"

...and let's say that you only really put a few of the Automatic Bestseller ideas into practice. You'll still be miles ahead of where you are now... and you'll be light years ahead of over 90% of other authors, publishers, or online guru's. 

Click here now to get ahead of your competition...     

Maria Allen
"I've received the resources to
take my book sales to levels I
never knew existed

     Christopher's generosity in providing the guest speakers as well as the actual vendors he himself utilizes, makes me believe in him as a person or "coach" who sincerely wants us all to succeed.  That is what motivates me... because it's real.

Here's Your Step-By-Step Look At The
Automatic Bestseller System...

A Step-By-Simple-Step blueprint specifically designed to show you exactly what to do, how to do it, who to get on your team to help you, and how to make money during the whole process.

This is the complete Automatic Bestseller multi-media course that will show you how to write, publish, and make money from your book idea even before you write the first word.

Here it is...

write a book, write, how to write, business coach, business coaching, christopher guerriero, chris guerriero

The Automatic Bestseller - Build Bestsellers On Demand!

Look at everything you will own...

*  Your Rapid Results Quick Start Guide - I would never start any project without an exact game plan detailing the order and the importance of each step - so rather than leaving this vital step for you to do - I did it for you, and laid out the perfect, step-by-step blueprint to follow to ensure you get the best results, in the least amount of time.

*  The Automatic Bestseller DVD - which gives you a full overview of the process and an insider peak at how the process will look, before, during, and after your book (and your new source of income) is built.

*  Seven audio recordings of a private Book Writing Boot Camp where I walked a select handful of my clients through every step - guiding them past all the pitfalls that most authors fall into, and making sure they got maximum results along the way. You will be given book cover design templates, book writing templates, marketing templates, web site templates, email templates, access to my personal vendors, and so much more as I walk you through the creation of a bestselling book and the building of your new stream of income.

*  Two workbooks jam packed with cheat sheets, design templates, samples, vendor contacts, press contacts, transcripts and swipe files. There's over 230 pages of pure content in these 2 volumes.

*  A bonus CD with easy to follow check lists to hang on your wall and keep you on-target for maximum profit along the way.

Yes... this is huge!  It's a system that's been proven over and over again to keep you laser focused and on the right path to build your book empire.  It's obviously not one of those glorified, fluff-filled programs that get you frustrated and leave you wanting more.

Let’s take a closer look at everything you'll get…


My master presentation titled: "11 Power Principles of Becoming a Bestselling Author" which has been worth many tens of thousands of dollars to those who have seen it:

On this DVD you'll find:

Confessions of a millionaire author (the book empire model)
Building a potentially best selling book from scratch
Marketing your book for maximum profit
Using your book to gain immediate and long lasting credibility
Making up to $5,000/month from your book idea, even before it's written
Transforming your book into an extra 50-$100,000, even before it's complete
How to make your books “Sticky”
Turning a single book into a long term source of income
The evolution of an idea into a bestselling book
One secret technique to ensure you write what the world will pay to read
…and so, so, so much more!

PLUS... Detailed Audio-Guides That
Lead You By The Hand Through
Each And Every Step

I firmly believe that these audio's are the foundation that will build your book empire, because 
I don't just tell you what you should do - I actually show you examples of what works time-and- time again (and what doesn't work). Then I walk you through every step, helping you set deadlines, so each time you plug a different audio in, you'll be closer to achieving your goal!!!

There's nothing left out.  If I use something to improve my book sales, I detail it for you.  If I do something to help build my book faster and better, then I walk you through that exact process as well.

Let's Walk Through The

Audio-Guides In Detail...


We start this program on full throttle to help you turn your "book idea" into a book that can help millions of people...

Exactly how to make money before you write the first word of your book
How to test and develop your book idea’s
The psychology of a book buyer
Using surveys to create a compelling book
How to easily develop the right content for your book
And much more…

Disk #2:  How To Fill Your Book With Content So Magnetizing, Readers Will Be GLUED To Every Word!

In this CD we'll take your idea for a book through a system that transforms it into a book that makes money for you, because I always enjoy making money as I work... as opposed to waiting until the work is done like most people do.

So in this CD I show you how you can build a larger and larger income every month (if not every week).

The anatomy of a great book title
Sample accountability sheets to organize your vendors
Crafting copy for the back of your book to drastically increase sales
Vital steps to hosting a profitable teleseminar (part 1)
What to delegate to competent vendors and what to do yourself

Click here now to make money even before your book is written...



A simple process that reveals the hidden secrets of teleseminars, which is just one of the many ways authors are making tens of thousands of dollars by working only 60 minutes a week.

How to pre-sell copies of your book even before you write it
Vital steps to hosting a profitable teleseminar (part 2)
How to create a hungry crowd of anxious buyers for your book
Exactly what a successful call format looks like
Top 10 ways to build a big email list
The single biggest mistake most pro’s make and how to never get effected by it

Disk #4: 
How To Generate Cash While Fine Tuning Your Book

Discover an easy, proven, profitable system to get others to pay you to let them read your book before you go public with it.

The key to making money while writing your book
The easiest way to get feedback about your book before it’s written
Getting paid for your expertise
The power of a focus group
Having fun with your readers

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Take a look inside the rolodex of a best selling author - then use his contacts to help you whenever you need support.

Turning your transcript into a book
The power of an e-book
Building your bestseller team
Vendors – a blessing or a curse
A list of vendors to help you start your search
What to do yourself and who to call when you need to delegate
What to never do yourself
How to get a vendor to work faster and for less money

Disk #6:  Turn A Book Into A Book Empire Using Proven Systems

Stop thinking about making money from your book... and start thinking about making money from your book business (books, e-books, audio's, coaching, seminars, etc, etc, etc).

How to sell an outrageous number of books
The 14 pillars of your profitable book empire
How to get others to sell thousands of books for you
Building your book empire the easy way and with minimal stress
How to sell to large corporations who buy box-loads of books
Locating free publicity

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Did you know that there are places that buy books directly... by the thousand -- with no returns?  Authors can sell thousands of books at a time, and they can do it over and over again with the information in this one CD.

Putting The Book Puzzle Together
Building a motivating table of contents
8 Book Design Secrets That Increase Sales
How to easily design a bestselling book cover
Marketing 101
How to get bookstores to properly categorize your book for best exposure
The art of getting powerful testimonies that sell books
To formally publish, or not to formally publish
The power of taking daily steps to building your bestseller

Disk #8:  Bonus CD

These days, when I get an idea for a book, I immediately hang a posters on my wall - a poster that keeps my thoughts guided as I turn my book idea into a potentially bestselling book.

I have found that this poster, as well as a few other charts, and tip sheets to be vital pieces of my success. So I'm going to show them to you, on this bonus CD...

Your book building poster
12 killer tips for hosting your best teleseminar
17 Embarrassing and costly book writing mistakes
10 terrific tips, techniques, and tactics
A sample Amazon bestseller email campaign
Cheat Sheets for the DVD seminar
An extra, digital version of your workbook Volume 1
A extra, digital version of your workbook Volume 2

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This list is just the tip of the iceberg. Believe me, when I designed this system I left no stone unturned! Everything is explained in careful, step-by-step, exhaustive detail.

I spent countless hours, working late into the night for months on end to make sure that your Automatic Bestseller package is the most complete system to quickly and easily create books, ebooks, audios, teleseminars, and online eclasses to double or triple your income as an author, speaker, or information marketer.

"This Must Cost A Fortune, Chris..."
(Or DOES It?)

I know you're probably wondering what's the investment for all this...

I know, because I've been right where you are at this very moment, but on other web sites, knowing that I love the product, knowing that it would have a huge impact on my life if I owned it, but at the same time having some pre-conceived notion as to what I thought it was worth.

Well, consider this: You could pay a book writing consultant about $4,000 to show you how to write a book... and a book design consultant about $3,500 to show you how to design your cover to help your book sell... an online and off-line marketing expert about $50,000 to show you how to make money from your book... a business coach over $100,000 (plus long-term royalties on your book sales) to show you how to turn your book into a business that generates cash on an ongoing basis for you.

...and if you could afford all that, and if you were able to find reputable people to work with (most of whom probably wouldn't be available for coaching) - then that would be a great choice for you... but...

You get all that... and far more in this one program which puts the entire process into a crystal clear plan of action for you.

While I could indeed charge $5,000 or more for this program - and I'm sure we would sell out in a short period of time - I feel that I'm on a mission.  And that mission is to help those who need more credibility, and those who have a desire to have a bestselling book with their name on it, and those who need a big boost in their income - to get started for the lowest possible price.

I truly want to help you make more money - the right way.

The world is waiting for you to release your book - but the world wants your book to be released in a certain way, and if you bring your book to them the right way, you'll not only help a lot of people, but you'll make a lot of money in the process.

That's why instead of asking the full $5,000 for The Automatic Bestseller System...

I'm releasing the next 1000 sets for $697 $297 if you grab your set today, ... and you'll get full access to this step-by-simple-step system immediately after you place your order so you can download it onto your computer.

You Get Everything For Just $297

You're Expecting Free Bonuses, Right?

Right about now is where most marketing experts drop in about 20 different "free bonuses" -- items that are only designed to "fluff" the value of the offer.

The reason they do this is because their product really isn't strong enough - and they're afraid it won't sell unless they load you up with useless extra's, but you are already seeing how valuable, insightful, and profitable the Automatic Bestseller is to your future.

You can already imagine the change in the way people view you now that you're an author... the greater income... the lower stress levels... the multiple income streams... and all the extra fun you're going to have once you get the Automatic Bestseller working for you.

Because you already know how valuable these methods are to reaching your goals in life I'm not going to insult you by piling on a bunch of bogus extras.

Now, that being said, I would like to offer you a few invaluable gifts if you're one of the next 48 people to order a copy of the Automatic Bestseller system which comes with everything you need, including all the contacts you need to build your bestseller...


Private Access To Qualifying Seminars*

At every seminar I speak at, I always reserve a space where I can meet with people after the event is over - you'll have a lifetime invitation to meet with and talk to me about your book, your business, or your marketing - at any of my qualifying events.

$2,997 Value

Lifetime Updates*

Additions, upgrades, and improvements are natural in business - once you're a customer of mine, you'll get lifetime updates sent to you whenever we add another audio, or valuable interview, workbook, vendor, etc, etc, etc.

$997 Value

Exact Email Templates To Use*

Hiring a copywriter is a frustrating job, and one that most people wish they could avoid - however having great copy is can make you a lot of money - that's why I've included several of the exact emails which I paid over $5,000 to have written for me - but to be fair, I'm only valuing this bonus at $490 because I don't want you to completely plagiarize them :)

$490 Value

Over 400 Of Christopher's Press Contacts*

OK - once your book is written - you need to get yourself a boat load of publicity FAST so you can get tons of exposure - to do this, I'm giving you over 400 of the exact press contacts from my personal database (most of which includes the first and last name, title, office address, email, phone number, and fax number of  magazine and newspaper editors, and television show hosts).

$399 Value

Exact Web Templates To Use*

Do you want a web site? Well since most books today are purchased online I'm giving you exact templates that you can use to build your own web site!

$97 Value

Exact E-class Templates To Use*

One of the many techniques we'll use to make you tons of cash even before you write your book is through e-classes.  Most experts would just tell you how to host your own class, but I'm going to take that a step further to ensure your success by giving you a word-for-word template from one of my most profitable e-classes!

$97 Value

List Building Secrets*

Listen in as this master business builder describes how he built his online company and his book from scratch... and how he developed a list of over 100,000 weekly readers in the process!

$97 Value

Amazon Bestseller Interview*

Meet the man responsible for taking more authors to the top of Amazon than anyone else I know - and listen in as he describes his fool-proof process for getting ranked high on Amazon.com.

$97 Value

Members Only Mastermind*

Claim private access to this online mastermind group and connect with other entrepreneurs and professionals who want to explode their sales and profits by becoming an author.


Christopher's Private Vendor List*

Save money and time by peeking into my private rolodex of vendors - the same vendors I call each time I need work done - feel free to drop my name when speaking with them and see if they fit you into their busy schedule faster or reduce their price a little.


Christopher's Private Resource List*

Along with my vendor list is a long list of resources that I regularly use to improve my performance, maximize my income, and cut years of effort off of the business of writing and profiting from books.


Your FREE Bonus Gift Total $5,271  Value!

...and if you've ever met me, you know that I've got several other bonus gifts up my sleeves and you'll get to enjoy them all once you're in.

You Get Everything For Just $297

And... just to make sure your decision is an easy one, I'm going to take away all the risk!

Certificate Certificate Certificate

My Famous "It's-Worth-
100% No-Risk, Guarantee

Here’s the deal. I want you to be able to take advantage of this offer without hesitation - and without worrying.

If you are not thoroughly convinced that this program is worth every penny of the modest tuition, and that you're getting far more than you ever expected, simply return it within 30 days of your date of purchase and we'll promptly issue you a refund for the course.

Certificate Certificate Certificate

Go ahead and look over the system, use it to make money, use it to build your book, use it to build your personal credibility. It is completely risk-free.

...then if you don't like it? Just send it back within 30 days. We'll refund your money on the spot... All I ask is that you first try the system out so you can see the results in your own life, then let me know what you were dissatisfied with... and if you blow me away with your reason I might even let you keep the product as my gift to you for helping me improve our service, and we'll still part as friends...

But if you seriously implement the strategies I show you in this program, I know you'll be more than happy - I see it all the time in the success stories that flood my office from those who have used this program to reach their highest goals in life, and I know that you're just 1 click away from being my next success story!

Strictly Time-Limited Offer
-- No Exceptions! --

It's important that you know that these prices are only available for a limited time:
I've sent this invitation out to hundreds-of-thousands of my readers, as well as to a handful of business owners who wanted the chance to offer this program to their readers as well.

Both, my readers and theirs, are reading this letter right now, just like you are. I know that many thousands will want to get this system while there's still a few sets left.

Quit Your Old Life...Your Dream Future
Could Hinge On This One Decision...

Listen--I've put my heart and soul into this program - and if you get just 1 technique out of it that helps you avoid 1 mistake in the book writing process - or you learn 1 lesson that adds more money to your monthly income... it will pay for itself many times over.

Ok, let's wrap this up... Don't you think it's time that you finally unleashed your potential and enjoy the wealth and success you crave?

Just imagine what it would feel like to have other people admiring YOU because you're now an author.

Just imagine walking through your local book store and seeing copies of your book lining the walls.

Just imagine seeing yourself on national TV or hearing yourself on a national radio show, being interviewed about your book.

Just imagine making money every day from the sale of your books - even while you sleep.

Just imagine being able to help millions of people around the world  - just because you took the time to write a powerful book.

Just imagine yourself at your next book signing event with a line of people waiting for you to sign your book.

You Get Everything For Just $297

Isn't it time you learned what so many other successful people know about what really works — and what really doesn't work?

Isn't it time you stopped wasting money on all the wrong advice, and finally learn from a mentor who can gently guide you through the maze in less time and with less effort on your part?

Be sure to get a copy of the Automatic Bestseller now and discover a fast, easy, fun way to write, publish, and market your book … and gain ultimate credibility. Order now and get started today!

I wish you the absolute best, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Anyone can become a Rich Author!

Christopher Guerriero
Bestselling author, keynote speaker, coach

  Please don't put this off, don't even wait 15 minutes. Get in on this now! Every single day that you wait, makes it more difficult to get started. If you have a book idea ... or if you've already written a book but it's not making you big money ... or if you just have a burning desire to have a book written - then get started now. This program is for you.

P.S.#2  Remember, I'm taking 100% of the risk - and you risk NOTHING. Your life is a direct reflection of the decisions you've made up to this point.  If you want more out of life - you need to make a decision to have more, to be more, and to achieve more - and one thing is certain... you won't achieve anything worthwhile without taking action. Let me help you...


Earnings Disclaimer -- The results shared in this letter are not typical. You may or may not receive similar results. Your success is dependant solely on you. We provide you with the most complete, easy to follow information however you must decide to use it. If for any reason the information does not live up to your expectations you have our no-questions asked money-back guarantee.

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